Happy Tails

Success Stories

Godiva “Diva”

This adorable pup was rescued from a puppy mill this past summer where she was living outside with a group of other dogs. When she was removed from her kennel, it was discovered that she couldn’t even walk! Godiva received emergency spinal surgery, made possible by our Have a Heart Medical Fund, but unfortunately, the damage was too chronic and severe to repair. That being said, she is as happy as can be rolling around in her special cart at her new home.

Adopted March 2013


Lika’s story is heartwarming to say the least. She was diagnosed, during an ultrasound made possible by our Have a Heart Medical Fund, with a heart problem that caused her to pass out when over excited. Amazingly enough, her new mom has the same condition. Here is a recent update on Like from her: "I wanted to send you a picture of my sweet Lika wearing/eating RED for the American Heart Association’s National Wear Red Day today! As heart patients (and women), today is a very important day (and February a very important month) for the two of us. We’re always excited at the opportunity to go out and spread awareness about this very important cause. Hope you are all doing well! Lika is doing amazing and makes my life as wonderful as it is every day. She is in so many ways MY heart!"

Adopted June 2012


Here’s a current picture of Daisy (her name before rescue was Sugar) – one of the four weim puppies – we were the first couple who came out and saw the 4 puppies – she’s got a hard life now – on the right, her sister Scarlett is on the left. Thanks SO much again – she is wonderful!

Adopted December 2010


Fern's been with us for seven months now and I can't imagine life without her. She makes friends everywhere she goes and everyone tells us how lucky we are to have such a wonderful dog. We've been on two long road trips together and she loved it both times. We drove down to Louisiana to visit my family and she had an absolute ball meeting so many people and seeing so many places. She's a wonderful car dog; she loves to ride along with us when we run errands. Her favorite place to visit is the dog park where she can run around with all the other dogs.All in all, I feel so lucky to have her. She's definitely found a forever home, we love her so much.


Buster adjusted very well to his new home. He loves to sleep in his crate and loves his boys, Wyatt and Jack. He remembered his potty-training, even after the transition and slept very well through the night. He's still very laid back and gentle and knows his basic commands already. When Wyatt takes a nap in the afternoon, Buster will get on bed with Wyatt and nap with him. Everyone loves him very much. They say he is becoming a little more outgoing, sometimes barking at strangers when they walk by.The whole family recently moved into a new home and, once things began to settle, they were able to send us some great new pics of Buster! He is very happy with his family and is enjoying the new "palace"!

Adopted May 2006


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