How to Help

You Can Make a Difference!

Check out each of the Partners for their specific program information on how to help.

Become a Foster Family!

Every organization looks for foster families to help with the care some animals may need before they are available for adoption. The work of foster homes makes young, shy, or ill animals adoptable. Their time in your care, and their subsequent adoption, allows rescue organizations to take in more animals to be adopted.

Who Needs Foster Care?
Some dogs and cats are nervous or shy, or may have too much energy for the kennel environment. Giving these animals foster care helps them to prepare for their new lives. It gives them an opportunity to gain confidence or manners so they can find that perfect someone.

Some of the biggest foster needs are foster homes for cats or kittens who have come down with an upper respiratory infection and need a quiet home to recover. The shelter can be a very stressful place for cats, and having a loving foster home to recover helps these animals prepare for their forever homes.

Some dogs and cats need a little extra medical care while they are with us. Foster parents help to provide loving, caring homes where dogs can recover from surgery or heal from a broken bone.

Is Fostering Right For Your Family?

Become a Volunteer!

All of our 501 (c)(3) non-profit partners rely heavily on the help and support of volunteers. There are many different ways to be a volunteer:

  • Onsite and hands-on at one of our locations
  • Host a fundraiser, bake sale, yard sale
  • Host an animal food or supply drive
  • Help make gifts for animals (such as catnip pillows, dog beds, blankets, yummy treats, etc.)
  • Organize a group or work community service project

Donate Food and Supplies

These are always in need and can be found as a "wish list" on most websites. This is a great way for kids to participate and do food/supply drives within their school, church or group activities.

Click Here for Local Drop Off Information.

Donate for Medical Expenses

Many of the animals that are brought into shelters have pre-existing medical conditions that require extra special care. These needs can range from heart worm disease treatment, special surgeries, expensive medications, tests and maintenance therapies. We also see extra medical care needs when we take in dogs throughout the year from puppy mill and dog fighting rescues.

Help Stop Dog Fighting

Help Stop Puppy Mills

Feel the pleasure and fulfillment that helping animals brings. And regardless of where you choose to volunteer, your efforts, no matter how big or small, help to Save Them All!