Lost & Found

Have You Lost or Found a Pet?

What To Do If You Have Lost A Pet

  1. Call 311 Immediately
  2. Visit Animal Care and Control at 8315 Byrum Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217

CMACC’s Lost Pets and More Information

What To Do If You Found A Stray Dog

  1. Always be cautious when approaching a dog you are unfamiliar with. Be aware of the dogs body language at all times. Do not chase an animal if it is fearful it could run into traffic. Call in a low firm voice to direct the animal away from a road. Contact Animal Care & Control at 311 or 704-336-7600 if you are unable to secure them.
  2. If the dog is friendly and you have him leashed, take him to the nearest veterinary hospital to scan for a microchip and examine for a tattoo. If a microchip or tattoo is located, owners can be contacted through the microchip company or the facility that provided the tattoo at time of spay or neuter.
  3. Take a picture of the dog and print out flyers to put up around the neighborhood where he was found. Include the photo, the words “found dog”, and a telephone contact number. Do not list more information to ensure that any inquiries are genuine. Let callers describe their missing pet to you.
  4. Knock on neighborhood doors and contact friends in the area to help network for the owner.
  5. Notify Animal Care and Control as well as any local Humane Society or rescue shelter. Regardless of information received over the phone, you will have to physically visit these facilities to hang flyers and/or post found or missing animals. Owners will often contact local emergency facilities in the case that their pet was brought in, so be sure to put a phone call in with the description of the pet and your contact information.
  6. Send the flyer to accfacebook6@gmail.com so it can be posted on the Animal Care & Control Facebook page to network your flyer via social media.