The Partnership for Pets Mission

We are independent rescuers. We are private and municipal animal shelters. We are animal advocates. Together, we are dedicated to reducing euthanasia by working cohesively. We fight common problems with common solutions as a community.

The members of the Partnership for Pets coalition carry out our mission by:

  1. Offering resources to the community
  2. Hosting educational opportunities for animal welfare partners to improve their collective impact
  3. Promoting adoption of healthy animals through hosted events
  4. Providing training and support to animal welfare organizations
  5. Raising funds

View our upcoming MEGA 500 Adoption Event to see how we are promoting the adoption of our animals through the largest adoption event in the South-East!

Please consider making a donation. When you donate to the Partnership for Pets, you donate to all community animal welfare organizations that belong to the coalition. We are the non-profit, for animal welfare nonprofits.